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Welcome, Student!

Welcome To JBTS

Dear Prospective Student:

The history of Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary (JBTS) has been a chronology of miracles and accomplishments. From its inception many years ago, JBTS has been a dynamic institution. God has seen fit to bless and advance us in tremendous ways. Our concern at JBTS is cultivating the intellect and disciplining the mind. That is why we endeavor to provide a Christ-centered education that is comprehensive, yet practical in approach.

The various courses offered open the door to those called into the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. The full range of undergraduate and graduate studies directs the student to a variety of earned degrees of his or her choice. All are graded on their own accomplishments.

Both resident and external courses are available at JBTS. Students may enroll at any time during the year and may proceed with their studies at their own pace. Students will be able to receive college or seminary training while still retaining their employment, and without having to relocate to a different location. All degrees and diplomas issued by JBTS are the same for both resident and external students.

While the qualities of the programs offered by JBTS are the highest in standards, the prospective student will find that the cost is a fraction of liberal arts colleges and other seminaries.

Life is brief. We need to be applying ourselves every moment of our lives. Of the many things we can do, we should always be doing the best to the glory of our Heavenly Father through Christ. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your best. The student of Godís Word will find that the teachings of JBTS are true to the Bible, standing on the fundamentals of faith. We are here to help you in any way we can.

Yours in Christian Service,
Dr. Gerald K. Powers

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